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Side Impact Collisions

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When a car crash involves an impact point at the side of a vehicle, the results may be catastrophic. In fact, a side impact or angled collision may be more likely to cause serious injury or death to the occupants of a vehicle, due to the vulnerability of the vehicle from these angles. The front or rear of a vehicle has more stability in the event of a collision, while the sides are left vulnerable. Even with side airbags of other enhanced safety features, a victim of a side collision may suffer catastrophic injury as the vehicle literally crumples inward.

If you, a friend or a family member was recently involved in a side impact collision, an attorney at Pacific Attorney Group may be able to help. We represent car accident victims throughout Fresno and offer a free consultation to talk about your claim and what can be done to help you seek justice and obtain the financial compensation you need. Considering the possibility that serious injury may have been involved, medical expenses and other losses associated with the accident may be significant.

About Side Impact Car Accidents in Fresno, California

A side impact car accident is more likely to occur at an intersection, typically caused by one car violating a traffic light, stop sign or otherwise failing to observe the rules of the road in regard to the other driver's right of way. The front end of one vehicle may collide with the side of the other vehicle, constituting what is typically a more serious type of side impact collision. The vehicle that is hit in the side will be likely to sustain the brunt of the impact, but occupants in either vehicle may be injured. In other situations, the sides of both vehicles may collide with one another, meaning both vehicles will sustain comparable damage if they are of a similar size and weight.

Learn more about side impact collisions and how a Fresno car accident attorney can help with your insurance claim or lawsuit related to your accident. Contact us today!

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