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Fresno Rear End Accident Attorney

Car Accidents involving Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end accidents are among the most common types of car accidents that occur on the roads today. This type of accident occurs when one vehicle crashes into the vehicle in front of it. Typically, the front end of the second vehicle will collide with the rear end of the first vehicle. Depending on how forceful the impact is, a rear-end collision may cause serious injuries and extensive property damage to both vehicles.

Do you want help in dealing with your insurance claim after a rear-end accident in Fresno? A car accident lawyer at our law firm can help, and we offer a free case evaluation to get the process started.

Analyzing your Rear-End Accident

Determining who is at fault in your rear-end accident is an important part of your case, even though in most situations fault may be seen to lie with the driver of the second vehicle, the vehicle that collided with the rear end of the first vehicle. In many cases, rear end accidents are caused by drivers who are following too closely or who are distracted and do not notice that traffic has slowed or come to a stop on the road ahead. However, this is not always the case and therefore we always take care to fully investigate the rear-end accident cases our firm takes on. In investigating the case, for example, we may find that the brakes failed and that it was a manufacturing defect that caused the accident to occur. Or, the first driver may have pulled out suddenly in front of the second driver, making it impossible for the second driver to avoid a collision.

Let us get to the bottom of your particular rear-end accident to determine who should be held accountable. Contact a Fresno car accident lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today!

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