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Car vs. Truck Accidents

Talking to a lawyer about a claim involving a car versus truck accident is important if you are interested in getting a better grasp on the situation at hand. You will need to file an insurance claim to seek financial compensation for your injuries, and a Fresno car accident lawyer can assist you with this in order to help ensure you have the opportunity to recover the highest amount of financial compensation possible. Considering how serious a car versus truck accident may be, involving a lawyer early on is particularly essential.

A car that is involved in an accident with a large truck may sustain extensive damage. The occupants may therefore suffer injury as well, and this may range from minor lacerations or bruises all the way to damaged internal organs or severe head trauma.

The reason the car will be more likely to sustain injury is the fact that the truck is so much larger and heavier. In fact, a fully loaded commercial big rig or semi truck may weigh up to 80,000 pounds or even more. The cargo itself may also be dangerous, such as a truck that is transporting gasoline or metal piping. Taking into account these factors, one can see just how serious a car versus truck accident may be - most often for the driver or passenger of the car rather than the driver of the truck.

Responsibility for a Car Accident with a Large Truck

To seek justice and recover financial compensation for your car accident injuries, you will need to prove that you were not responsible for causing the accident. A Fresno car accident attorney can assist you in this endeavor by working with accident reconstruction professionals and by investigating all aspects of your case to determine exactly what caused the accident and therefore what the other driver did to cause it.

Discuss how we can help you hold the other driver responsible for your Fresno car accident that involved a large truck. Contact a car accident attorney at our offices today.

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