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Car vs. Pedestrian Accidents

Fresno Car Accident Attorney

Pedestrians often sustain serious injuries when they are involved in traffic accidents. In a car versus pedestrian accident, the pedestrian may be left dealing with a complex insurance claim, mounting medical bills and a number of other situations that will only add to the stress and emotional trauma he or she is experiencing. That is why these cases often call for the experience and knowledge of a Fresno car accident attorney.

At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent clients throughout the Fresno area who have been injured in car accidents. Although pedestrian accidents are less common than other types of auto accidents, they are often serious and therefore warrant our closest attention. When you call our offices and undergo a consultation and case evaluation with one of our lawyers, you will find that we will take the time to answer your questions. We will talk to you about the accident, what you experienced, what concerns you have and what can be done to help you begin rebuilding your life and moving on as quickly as possible.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Fresno County

There were 20 fatal pedestrian accidents in Fresno County in 2008, according to California Highway Patrol statistics. There were another 197 pedestrian-related accidents that resulted in physical injury. These statistics indicate the need for both drivers and pedestrians to exercise more caution in urban and rural areas, in parking lots, when proceeding through intersections and in any situation where pedestrians and motorists are likely to interact.

Our firm is here to help you after a car versus pedestrian accident in Fresno, working to protect your interests and assist you in recovering money for your medical costs and other injuries, losses and expenses. Contact a Fresno car accident lawyer today!

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