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Fresno Car vs. Motorcycle Accidents

Working with a Fresno Car Accident Lawyer

If you are a driver or a motorcyclist who was injured in a car versus motorcycle accident in the Fresno area, an attorney at our law firm may be able to help you file your insurance claim or lawsuit to seek financial damages from the driver that caused your accident. Pacific Attorney Group represents car accident victims of all kinds throughout Fresno and all the surrounding areas in Fresno County, California. All you have to do is call a car accident lawyer at our offices at 800-670-8142 to get the process started.

With our experience in the field of car accident claims, we understand that collisions involving a car and a motorcycle may be very serious. Any victim involved may sustain injuries that result in a temporary or permanent disability, missed work, and an entirely changed life. Even in "minor" accidents, a victim may suffer from the burden of dealing with medical bills and the stress of dealing with an insurance claim or lawsuit. A Fresno car accident attorney can offer a victim relief in these matters by stepping in and representing the injured victim's interests inside and outside of the courtroom.

Car versus Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is an extremely useful tool in any Fresno car versus motorcycle accident claim. Your attorney can work with professionals in this field to essentially "reconstruct" the accident to determine exactly what caused the collision to occur in the first place. This can clear up any questions regarding who caused the accident and can therefore establish liability. The end result? The ability to prove that the other party caused the accident and should be held accountable for your medical bills, lost earnings, and other damages associated with the car accident.

Contact a Fresno car accident lawyer at our offices to talk about your car versus motorcycle accident case.

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